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Finally after the long effort, we have finally restored a working condition for the server. FrozenIceFlake went very hard and has cleared a lot of memory on our system, the main reason our database crashed and kept the server offline so long. These crashes are abnormal, and can't be normally fixed just from a simple server reboot. Now that we are done with this fix, the server should be a lot more stable and an accident like this should hopefully no longer occur, if it does, we know where to look. Thank you all for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you all on the server once again!
CoolGirl Hi, I'm new to the server, and to log on, I need to know, what version is the server? Thanks.
[Member] EnderCreeper5000 cant wait to come back guys
Mitchellvg Good job!
We are having a slight issue affecting our mysql database storing some information used by the server. We are attempting to fix this, but do not have an exact ETA on when the network will be restored. More info will follow as we understand what exactly is going on. 
elvrominator is there any estimate on when the server is up? #cravingmypixelmonfix ...
DeathCreeper7 Hopefully It's open Once I get On later, Cause I missed playing on it yesterday.
The release to patch the bugs in the 3.1 update was released this morning and we are finally open. We still need to bring over the gyms and finish a few things but most everything is ready. So you will need 3.1.1 pixelmon. Looking forward to seeing you all on there.
Lightingc actually is just started working ...
Lightingc How come i am not allowed to speak public and go to spawn like/spawn. i am stuck somewhere in the market ...
[Diam.] Arkanadeath You cant use 1.7.10 or above
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