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Friendly Reminder

FrozenIceFlake aOwner posted Mar 20, 15

Interested in winning some ranks ?
Click here!

Winners will be announced within 24 hours.

[Admin] xEvan_ gl to everyone in it! ...
RyanDaLegend GL eveyone!

What's this ?

FrozenIceFlake aOwner posted Mar 10, 15

LtCommander_Bob HUB SERVER?
hickorycrafter ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[Trial] BlueLightning689 It's Rens with wou30 on an unknown server showed on tab

We got a new website today and because of that I'm adding a 1 week super sale 50% off everything.
Let us know what you think of the new website by leaving a comment down below!


Some side notes:

- Added Custom Teams Plugin
- Revamped Voting
- Removed Breeding With Ranch Blocks- Reduced Cooldown on certain commands




Ellyssa @ Pixelmon
So wait, we can't breed anymore? Or did I miss something..
[Admin] imfred I just now noticed how the white kills my head when I stay on the website for to long. Dear lord.. I can officially say, ...
FrozenIceFlake aOwner The spawn rate is pretty high.