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Pixel Crates!

[Owner] FrozenIceFlake aOwner
FrozenIceFlake @ Pixelmon
posted Jan 22, 15
I was playing on the server and kept getting pretty bad rewards from pixel crates, So I decided to tweak the rewards, Enjoy. ^-^

New Rewards!

- Random Pokemon
- Random Shiny
- Random Legend
- Random Shiny Legend

Removed Rewards:

- Poke Balls
- Great Balls

Also later this week I will add better rewards to Basic Chests and Advanced Chests, If you have any suggestions leave a comment below.

mcstreet if you pay 50,000 for a crate can u still get 5000?
Shojas I guess I will have to start collecting crates again
[Owner] FrozenIceFlake aOwner
FrozenIceFlake @ Pixelmon
You're welcome ^-^

Voting Changes

[Owner] FrozenIceFlake aOwner
FrozenIceFlake @ Pixelmon
posted Jan 13, 15
Hello Impact Community!

Time to let you know what we all have been working on.

Big changes to voting!

 - Instead of Poke Balls you get Ultra Balls.
 - There is a new use for vote points (Credits to iiKarhu)
 - Top 3 Voters will receive a reward (More about this later)

There are some new lucky votes!
 - 1/10 chance of: 1 Rare Candy
 - 1/25 chance of: 1 Master Ball
 - 1/50 chance of: 1 Pixel Crate
 - 1/100 chance of: 1 Basic Key
 - 1/150 chance of: 1 Advanced Key
 - 1/500 chance of: 250 Vote points
 - 1/1000 chance of: A Random Shiny
 - 1/10000 chance of: A Random Legendary
 - 1/100000 chance of: A Random Shiny Legendary

Top Voter Information:
The number 1 voter will get:

 - A Shiny Of Choice
 - 100k Ingame Cash
 - 200 Vote Points

The number 2 voter will get:
 - A Random Shiny
 - 50k Ingame Cash
 - 150 Vote Points

The number 3 voter will get:
 - A Pokemon Of Choice
 - 25k Ingame Cash
 - 100 Vote Points

Vote Point Shop (Credits to iiKarhu)
Use /shop and click the emerald or use the ImpactMC Utilities.
You can buy some stuff like Shiny Conversions in there.

You can find the voting links at /warp vote

A sale for everyone to enjoy over this celebratory holiday!
Yes, that's right, we're celebrating these jolly holidays with a sale, and several events that will be announced closer to the actual Christmas day! Also, an extra thing we decided to do, is lift all bans on players! So you're free to come on if you've been previously banned! The sale will last from now until the 1st of January, and everything in store will be on sale!
So then, we'll enjoy seeing you these holidays!