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A sale for everyone to enjoy over this celebratory holiday!
Yes, that's right, we're celebrating these jolly holidays with a sale, and several events that will be announced closer to the actual Christmas day! Also, an extra thing we decided to do, is lift all bans on players! So you're free to come on if you've been previously banned! The sale will last from now until the 1st of January, and everything in store will be on sale!
So then, we'll enjoy seeing you these holidays!


[Admin] SutaGames a posted Nov 27, 14
We need to thank http://klttyshlt.deviantart.com/ for our wonderful new rank art stuff! Such a talented artist, right? You will be able to check the ranks out here: http://impactmc.org/pixelmon Remember, go thank her! <3  

EDIT: There is now also a SALE in our store for this occasion! Be quick though, it only lasts until the 1st of December! Enjoy!
Hello Impact Community!

This weekend, we're doing some Halloween events! (Credits to Apocalypticbacon)
Also this weekend the shiny spawn rates are up! So don't forget to log on and catch as many shinies as you can. (xFluffehJesterx's idea)

Also, new stuff will be added this week!

- Disguise for donators
- Pets for donators
- Improved voting rewards! (To find the voting links use /warp vote)

[Owner] FrozenIceFlake aOwner Pets and disguises are implented 1 hour ago , They will still stay .
flames7501 Oh, I almost forgot, when will the Pets and Disguises be out, and will they be gone after this weekend? Thanks!
flames7501 Dang, just when my Internet is down (for a whole week, cause thats when they're gonna fix it), shiny rates go up and the ...