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FrozenIceFlake aOwner posted Sun at 13:45

Hey Impacters!

In commemoration of the network release for the survival, pvp, and prison servers we are going to do a countdown sale!
Sale offer is valid to Friday, everything in shop is discounted 20%!

So if you've had your eye on something, perhaps that new breeder package or a new Build-a-Poke, now is your chance to get it!

But wait there's more! With every purchase you get a random shiny! So knock yourselves out :D

Also a side note guys: We will be reviewing/accepting applications for staff for the new servers. So if you are interested, stop on over to the forums and drop your application for the respective server you want to participate in.


-The ImpactMC Staff

Server Upgrade

FrozenIceFlake aOwner posted Apr 16, 15

At 2:00PM GMT+1 we upgraded the server to a whole new machine.
We were back online 2 hours later, sorry that it took so long there were some issues that needed fixing.
The lag you all know and hate should be completely gone!
Spawn Rates are higher than ever, hope to see you on soon!


Vote Goals

FrozenIceFlake aOwner posted Apr 14, 15

Dear Impacters,

As a result of a new twist in the top section of the staff, we see things bigger and brighter.
With Bigger we mean more benefits for the players, our friends , and more cool features. There
is of course on thing that we ask from you guys. 4 Thousand votes this month!
If we can reach this vote milestone we will:
- release tons of new features (every day)
- Increase legendary spawnrates
- A huge sale in the Donationstore
- Reduction of the /pbreed cooldown
- We will add better voterewards (probably more shiny's)

Voting doesn't require much skill. So i believe in you guys, every individual. And hopefully we can reach this goal.


The ImpactMC Staff

[Mod] GeneralVonGelre Yeah go to the different voting sites and count up the votes ...
Corymbus @ Pixelmon
Lets Do This Guys ...
SpeshalKid Is there a way for us to check the current total votes?