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Hello Impact Community!

This weekend, we're doing some Halloween events! (Credits to Apocalypticbacon)
Also this weekend the shiny spawn rates are up! So don't forget to log on and catch as many shinies as you can. (xFluffehJesterx's idea)

Also, new stuff will be added this week!

- Disguise for donators
- Pets for donators
- Improved voting rewards! (To find the voting links use /warp vote)

[Owner] FrozenIceFlake aOwner Pets and disguises are implented 1 hour ago , They will still stay .
flames7501 Oh, I almost forgot, when will the Pets and Disguises be out, and will they be gone after this weekend? Thanks!
flames7501 Dang, just when my Internet is down (for a whole week, cause thats when they're gonna fix it), shiny rates go up and the ...
+ = Addition

- = Removal

[<Enter Word Here>] = Does whatever the word in brackets says

Server Update 2.1
+ Added Mystery Crates/Crate Keys
+ Server Resource Pack now available (Download off the server upon login)
+ Added a new kit (Master)
* Method of obtaining this kit lies within a new feature ;) 
+ Added a new method of selling items
* Bigger tiers available to donators only. Each tier comes with a different payout
* No longer will you have to sell items individually. All you have to do is throw them into the GUI prompted to you, and it will calculate your total.
+ Added a new area: "Crate Redemption Zone" (Found in the teleport menu)
+ Added Pets
                + Added new command: /pcme - Open your pc remotely (Donator Perk)

[Revamp] Donation Rewards Revamped, should be more promising. More changes coming soon...
[Revamp] Most plugin messages altered to fit a fancier and similar appeal
[Revamp] Kits now return items with the users name specified, stating whose item it is. More of an astetic appeal.
[Fix] EXP Bottles in the legend kit should now return 16 instead of 10
- Removed Drop Party Area (No longer used)
Herodarthvader Hey I haven't played pixelmon on your server for a while and I donated quite a bit on it so can I ask what pixelmon vers ...

Sorry For The Delay!

Woaahitsme x posted Aug 30, 14
Sorry for the delay of the server opening with update. We ran into a few issues while we updated. The only issue that was not fixed was Grief Protect. It will not work with the new update so we were forced to change plugins. We decided to go with Towny. We have also installed LWC for all that has asked . Now because grief protection is not working you need to claim your land as soon as you log on. Do not touch other peoples builds and stuff as we will punish you for it. Once again sorry for this and thanks for your understanding. Hope to be up tonight. Thanks.
Woaahitsme x fate we can rollback, you dont need screens
fatetraitor I got griefed with no screenshots, im an idiot
Woaahitsme x 3.2.6 pixelmon, 1.7.10 minecraft