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50% Sale till Monday

FrozenIceFlake a posted Jul 30, 15

Hey impacters,

Since we crushed the donation goal this month there will be a sale till next monday!
The sale applies on all ranks and pokemons.
With every purchase you'll get a random shiny.


EDIT @ 143pst - We are up! Finally! Enjoy gaming guys! -Kimmay

EDIT @126PST - Welp, minecraft is having a lot of issues today so while our server is up, minecraft itself might not let you log in. Hopefully they resolve that issue soon. 

EDIT @123pst - We are up and running again! You many now go back to your pixelmon gaming :)

Thank you to all who got the server back up and hope that Minecraft stays stable for all to play!


-Kimmay (Pixelmon Admin)

Hey Everyone!

As you probably have noticed, Pixelmon has been down for some time. We are currently giving maintenance to it and we hope to be up very shortly. We apologize for any inconviences to your game time.

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know in the comments below!

Hope to see you back on the server soon! :)

EDIT @ 1228pst - So the server was up for a little bit but Minecraft itself is having session issues. So what this means is youll be able to log onto your account but not on any server. Looks like theyve been attacked all morning so we hope this clears up soon. -Kimmay

EDIT @ 1142pst - Now about the tournament that is being hosted today. Just a heads up that if the issues with minecraft and the server are not fixed in time I will be hosting the tourney tomorrow at the same time. -Shojas (Pixelmon Admin)

EDIT @1136pst - Looks like Minecraft itself is having issues with their Time Outs. Once Minecraft has their issues cleared we too will. Sorry again for delay.

-Kimmay (Pixelmon Admin)

armMineCraft I just want to say, I don't think itll be up to everybody.


FrozenIceFlake a posted Apr 19, 15

Hey Impacters!

In commemoration of the network release for the survival, pvp, and prison servers we are going to do a countdown sale!
Sale offer is valid to Friday, everything in shop is discounted 20%!

So if you've had your eye on something, perhaps that new breeder package or a new Build-a-Poke, now is your chance to get it!

But wait there's more! With every purchase you get a random shiny! So knock yourselves out :D

Also a side note guys: We will be reviewing/accepting applications for staff for the new servers. So if you are interested, stop on over to the forums and drop your application for the respective server you want to participate in.


-The ImpactMC Staff

BestOnlineCraftr Wow thats really cool. I like the server a lot and this just makes me like it more.
FlamingChampion3 when is it ?
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