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The release to patch the bugs in the 3.1 update was released this morning and we are finally open. We still need to bring over the gyms and finish a few things but most everything is ready. So you will need 3.1.1 pixelmon. Looking forward to seeing you all on there.
cloudxii a lot more crowded than when last i was on
andreazia well DomtheBomb, that happened to me. what i did, is i got a new pixelmon ( redownload) and i retyped the ip for impact. ...
[Owner] Woaahitsme aOwner Are you able to join other servers?
With the latest build of 3.1, many of you are wondering why the server is still down, and what will happen to your items that were transferred over. Well I'll do my best to explain both.

The latest build for 3.1 appears fine on your clients in single player, but when you bring that over to multiplayer, you are faced with many problems in the mod that will result in a dead lock. What is a dead lock? A dead lock is essentially a server crash, but one that is undetectable, and keeps the server appearing online, without being able to connect to it. Sure we would be fine with opening, but this error with a good amount of people, we would have a restart almost every minute. So, we have decided it is best to keep the server offline until a patch for this fix is released to the public.

Now then, onto the vaults. 3.1 brought about new ids for EVERY pixelmon item, which would result in a loss of pixelmon items. When we decided to try and see if we could alter the ids ourselves, we came to the realization that the ids were no longer in the config, and could not be altered. So this means any pixelmon items you had, will be lost in this update. I'm sure most of you will be frustrated, but I have seen some of you quite happy about this as well, looking at the bright side of it, which puts a smile on all of our faces. If you have screenshots, we will do our best to refund any necessities. Badges, we will have to think about if you don't have screenshots, because that will all be on an honor system, and some players here, just can't be trusted. 

Rest assured, we have many condolences for this prolonged update ready to be activated on the network, some new, some old, you get the idea. We will be online when it is possible for us to keep a stable run time for the server. We hope to see you all soon!

- Impact
Owner of ImpactMC
MATRIXALLOVERYOU the only thing i care about were my pokeballs which are all gone... i only care about them because it took a ton of time ...
[Member] lavenderskies I will literally be losing hundreds of TMs I have been collecting to make a store. I am very disappointed that "doi ...
[Owner] Woaahitsme aOwner We wont be doing that we have everything transferred to the new server host. Took a long time fort he files to transfer. ...
The Pixelmon update is nearly here and we are very excited to release an unexplored map with the new spawn and players market. Here is quick view of what you can expect. Looking forward to seeing you there!

[Surv.] kogu12 plz someone give me a link or something im lost
[Owner] Woaahitsme aOwner We are going to upload a fix they released for the deadlock and test it.
Noromical So, when can we expect the map to be reset? The update for Pixelmon 3.1 has been released
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