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Building Contest Survival

wou30 a posted May 19, 15
Dear Impacters,

As i have promised we are doing a building contest !!! Not just a regular one, it has a little twist in it. Every player that wants to compete has to create the best ARENA (mobarena/pvparena/...). Everything should be build in SURVIVAL. To compete you must create a thread on this forum with the following info.

Info necessary:

- x, y, z (postion on world)
- couple of screenshots
- ign name (only 1 person will get a reward)
- general info about the building (what is it ? What is it used for ?)


- No redstone allowed
- no cheating from creative
- Deadline to finish build/post = 30 may 2015

Prizes for winners:

1. Legend rank
2. Engineer rank
3. Premium rank

To all that compete, Good luck and have fun !



Factions got an update.

FrozenIceFlake aOwner posted May 6, 15

Hello Impacters!

Factions got a reset but we added some new features.
- If you kill someone you get 3% of their money.
- If you die in the warzone you dont lose power.
- You have a 10% chance to get someone's head when you kill them.
- Premium and up have 2 sethomes or more
- Premium and up are able to mine spawners with silktouch
- The /warp sellshop got an upgrade.

And last off all the donator kits became weekly + There is
a 25% grand opening sale going on!

Hope to see you all ingame soon!



FrozenIceFlake aOwner posted Apr 19, 15

Hey Impacters!

In commemoration of the network release for the survival, pvp, and prison servers we are going to do a countdown sale!
Sale offer is valid to Friday, everything in shop is discounted 20%!

So if you've had your eye on something, perhaps that new breeder package or a new Build-a-Poke, now is your chance to get it!

But wait there's more! With every purchase you get a random shiny! So knock yourselves out :D

Also a side note guys: We will be reviewing/accepting applications for staff for the new servers. So if you are interested, stop on over to the forums and drop your application for the respective server you want to participate in.


-The ImpactMC Staff

BestOnlineCraftr Wow thats really cool. I like the server a lot and this just makes me like it more.
FlamingChampion3 when is it ?
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