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Sorry For The Delay!

Woaahitsme a posted Aug 30, 14
Sorry for the delay of the server opening with update. We ran into a few issues while we updated. The only issue that was not fixed was Grief Protect. It will not work with the new update so we were forced to change plugins. We decided to go with Towny. We have also installed LWC for all that has asked . Now because grief protection is not working you need to claim your land as soon as you log on. Do not touch other peoples builds and stuff as we will punish you for it. Once again sorry for this and thanks for your understanding. Hope to be up tonight. Thanks.
Woaahitsme a fate we can rollback, you dont need screens
fatetraitor I got griefed with no screenshots, im an idiot
Woaahitsme a 3.2.6 pixelmon, 1.7.10 minecraft
We will be updating our Pixelmon server to 1.7.10, 3.2.5 in due time. The server will experience at least an hour or two of downtime as we make backups of data to ensure everything copies correctly. We will be back online once we ensure everything is stable. If there is a whitelist, this means we are doing final testing, and it doesn't mean it will stay like this. A new plugin will also be released in this update, something which we think you will all enjoy.
Gamechappette And just as we update, 3.2.6 comes out xD But thanks for the update guys ...
DiegoAlejandro23 i got to know whats the new plugin cant wait and also thank you reck and frozen and woaa for updating ...
DiegoAlejandro23 i also cant wait:D so excited..
Finally after the long effort, we have finally restored a working condition for the server. FrozenIceFlake went very hard and has cleared a lot of memory on our system, the main reason our database crashed and kept the server offline so long. These crashes are abnormal, and can't be normally fixed just from a simple server reboot. Now that we are done with this fix, the server should be a lot more stable and an accident like this should hopefully no longer occur, if it does, we know where to look. Thank you all for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you all on the server once again!
[Em.] jjz22 been having trouble with pixelmon hope to be back Soon
CoolGirl Hi, I'm new to the server, and to log on, I need to know, what version is the server? Thanks.
[Member] EnderCreeper5000 cant wait to come back guys
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