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AxisIX when does 1.7 come out?
[Member] thepro1604 they said that its depend on how strong the server will be
Turbolai When it updates, will we be able to ride our pokemon?

Pixelmon 1.7 Teaser

[Owner] XRECKXIMPACT aOwner posted Mar 19, 14

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DerpOsaurus17 ... Tentacrule..? :l
VitorVex Has to be addition to survival spawn maybe they are making areas instead of using the compass


With pixelmon reaching version 1.7 of minecraft, we are prepared to reset our map to get rid of all the griefed buildings, and start fresh with a much better setup and collection of new biomes. Most of you ask what will be kept in this update, and what can we expect? The answers are here below:

Q: Pokemon, are they kept?
A: Yes, all pokemon will be kept with this map reset, so no worries on that aspect.

Q: Will our inventories be reset?
A: Yes, however, anything you put in your personal vaults (the ones accessed through /pv 1 - /pv 10) will be brought over to the new map. This makes it easier on us as it creates one less file that needs to be copied over, making the whole process a lot faster.

Q: What will happen to our money?
A: We are resetting money. Due to the inflation of the server's economy over the past couple months on this update, we have come to a giant amount of money floating around. With this reset, we will be installing a new plugin, one of which is more advanced, has banks that give out interest for money inside them, etc. Overall, this plugin will suit the server better. This reset will also give all players a chance in things like auctions.

Q: Will riding be enabled?
A: This is completely dependent on the server capabilities. Since we are setting up a new box for the server, aka the software for our server to run on, we will have a much better processing unit, allowing to take in more entity counts and possibly allow riding to work. With it on now on the current box, the server drops to a state where it is virtually unplayable. 

Q: What will the map limit be?
A: This aspect is currently undecided, but expect no bigger than a 75,000 radius from the spawn point.

Q: Will we see a new spawn, and possibly new gym builds?
A: ;)

ImpactMC Network News

We have not forgotten about all of you. The servers are still being worked on, and we are doing the best we can to promote the network. We will be taking similar steps that we have with pixelmon eventually, in hopes the same fame can work for the network. Where have Woaahitsme and XRECKXIMPACT been? We have been busy with sports and school, along with managing 100+ players on pixelmon, making sure everything is going accordingly. Christiannuts is still there for you guys, and his efforts are much appreciated for his provision of a great community. Personally, I could not be any happier with Woaahitsme, Christiannuts, and the rest of our staff. We have come a long way, now lets strive to be bigger.

- Owner of the ImpactMC Network
seann thanks for letting us know the q and a's
Noromical Any idea as to when this map reset will occur? Also, will the Nether be re-enabled after this update?
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